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How NFTs are Changing Art Forever

By: Danielle Gazda   Let’s start with what an NFT is. NFT stands for non-fungible token. This “token” is the general and commonly used term for a piece of digital art that has been authenticated and minted. The most familiar forms are 2D and 3D digital art, but it can

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January Social Media Articles

You can find all of the links to the social media news we want to share with you throughout the month of January. Take a look.   Instagram Adds Option to Delete Individual Posts from Carousels, Shake to Report Feature Social Media Today reports on Instagram’s updates to carousel posts

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Tips on Improving SEO for Your Brand

By: Christina Healy   SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your website to make it more visible during internet searches, with the goal of increasing traffic to your page. Having advanced SEO strategies for your brand is important because gaining visibility online is crucial for success. You

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How to Attract Customers Toward the End of the Holiday Season

By: Christina Healy It’s no secret that the holiday season is an extremely busy time for most businesses. Online shopping sales are at a high, and physical store locations are flooded with eager buyers. Therefore, businesses need to be strategic in their marketing campaigns, especially when the season starts to

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Tips for the Best Social Media Community Management

By: Stephanie Albert Community management is an essential part of growing an online following that is connected to your brand. It is the process of interacting and engaging with current followers and the actions you take to attract new followers.  Here are five important practices to consider if you want

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