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Celebrate 4/20 All Month Long

Here at 270M, we’re proud to be able to work alongside companies who are paving the way for the cannabis industry. Our clients dedicate themselves to creating safe, high-quality cannabis products that provide high-quality experiences for consumers.  Autumn Brands Women-owned, cannabis cultivators dedicated to health and wellness, Autumn Brands is

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Quarantine, Remote, Repeat.

Every person who wakes up to a 6:00am alarm has played with the idea of turning it off and getting a few more hours of needed sleep. No matter how bad you want to, you don’t. You get up, stumble towards the kitchen to make your morning coffee because you

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270M’s Social Media Specs Guide 2020

Social media channels are ever-changing from functionality to creative sizes and specs. At 270M, we created the 2020 social media creative cheat sheet for brands and social professionals. Below explains to you what the best sizes are for each social network and the format to use.      

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