Incorporating Pinterest into my Brand’s Social Portfolio

By Annie O’Rourke

Pinterest is a social media platform with unique and differing functions that ultimately optimize user engagement. It is important for your brand to understand how to utilize Pinterest in order to enhance your business’s social media portfolio.

What is Pinterest, and how does my brand set up an account?

It is important for your brand to effectively utilize all forms of social media to create a consistent image on digital platforms. Though Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the obvious platforms in the social and digital world, Pinterest is a channel that your brand should incorporate into your portfolio.

Pinterest is a social media platform that is accessible via the internet or device application that allows users to create their personal account and username. Pinterest’s initial account set-up is similar to other platforms your brand most-likely already uses. First, it is important for your brand to create a username and password. Then, Pinterest will direct you to your home page, similar to other social media sites. Pinterest’s home page involves mood and theme boards where users can scroll through the platform’s content, and then “pin” ideas/photos/videos accordingly to their boards. The “pinning” action is ultimately considered posting in other forms of social media platforms. To finish setting up your account settings, your agency should utilize the profile picture and title page settings involving all the information about your brand name and logo. Once your account is all set up, start engaging with the millions of pins that will direct your brand to other blogs, websites, accounts, and news outlets.

Why is Pinterest different from other social media platforms?

Pinterest is an online social media channel that houses the greatest variety of rich and diverse content, which is what makes it stand out in the social media world. Pinterest is unique in the sense that it focuses on highlighting non-original user content. This means that while your personal account is unique to you, the content that you engage with the most through “pinning” is not created by you. This can optimize your brand’s awareness because their content has the ability to link other online content, like your agency’s published blogs and more.

How to engage with your audience on Pinterest?

Engaging with your audience on Pinterest is important because it allows your brand to develop a relationship with future customers. Pinterest is also a critical social channel that offers a different approach when it comes to marketing. Community management is one specific way for your business to increase user engagement and interact with your audience. Make sure to utilize the commenting feature. Comments not only showcase your own brand for users to see and click on, but comments also allow the other brand or account to develop a positive relationship. Another approach is to utilize the “pinning” feature. By “pinning” or “saving” a brand’s content on Pinterest, businesses will ultimately develop a higher awareness of this specific content, like a product photo.

Pinterest is a unique platform that will grow your business’s online presence. Utilizing Pinterest can give your brand the opportunity to engage with potential clients and other users.