Sarah Remesch

Consultant and Founder, 270M

Sarah Remesch is a digital marketer, advertiser, and creative who started her career developing strategies, executing campaigns, and managing production. Sarah holds a Master of Science in Media Management from The New School and after shaping her experience in-house at globally recognized agencies, she founded 270M. Her business journey spans industries and fields, including founding the acclaimed online publication Viride and elevated wellness brand New Highs CBD.

Featured in press outlets, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo, for her depth of knowledge in digital marketing and brand building. Sarah applies her unique, contemporary touch to every brand she works with, always combining extensive research with a well of creativity. Sarah is dedicated to building women’s equity in business, and in all of her press interviews, speaking engagements, and entrepreneurial efforts, she encourages people to achieve a healthy, purpose-driven path to wellness.

Sarah regularly applies her digital media expertise and creative vision as a brand consultant. By immersing herself in brand storytelling and beginning every client relationship with a focus on efficiency, integration, and channel structure, Sarah has consistently elevated brands in diverse sectors including luxury design, cannabis, real estate, and technology. She takes a high-level approach to client goals, conceptualizing multi-channel, multi-dimensional media plans, as well as advising on advertising and marketing production and team structure.

In her career, Sarah has developed a business strategy for a real estate marketing firm that increased agency market penetration by 657% over 18 months and increased business revenue to 1.2M annually. She created the Viride lifestyle brand as a content hub for clients to connect with affluent audiences and expand brand awareness. She exercises this same ingenuity across the board in creative direction, production, brand management, and content creation. Sarah is eager to connect with ambitious brands looking to achieve new goals by expanding their potential.