Social Media

Posting + Channel Management

We create content calendars with creative optimized for each social channel. We ideate and develop content for our clients that is not only on-brand but continues to meet and exceed the expectations of consumers. 270M manages the day-to-day posting on each of those channels, monitoring every posts’ success to continually improve content development and scheduling for maximum return on web clicks and brand loyalty.

Reputation Management

We handle comments and feedback on every post and closely monitor where each type of content thrives. We’re always available to manage potential issues in real-time and communicate directly with our clients to expedite feedback and account improvements. Our daily management of digital and social channels preserves the brand identity and allows us to flag, monitor, and remove any inappropriate content or comments.

Community Management

We’re engaged with your fans every day, ensuring that your target audience is participating and that user engagement effectively cultivates lasting brand loyalty. We elevate brand experience with a professional brand voice honed just for social engagement, using this to answer every fan message and burning question your account receives in under 24 hours, making social media your customers’ go-to hub for information.

Channel Strategy

We apply insight from the latest social media trends and our dedicated brand research to find innovative ways to improve your brand’s performance across the digital sphere. 270M optimizes strategy for our clients, providing recommendations for everything from best practices to visual identity to ongoing content pillars. We work closely with our clients to create and continually optimize strategy for every channel, to best convert viewers into followers, and followers into lifetime fans.

Data + Analytics

We want to know what works best for your brand, and we want you to know too. 270M provides all of our clients with detailed month-over-month and year-over-year reports of individual channel performance, measuring views and engagement, such as likes, shares, and link clicks. We utilize top industry tools, including Crimson Hexagon, Google Analytics, and DashThis. In these reports, our strategists apply their analytical experience to providing an overview of the most successful practices to date and ideas for improvement to be implemented in upcoming content calendars.

Social Channel Audits

From the start, we want you to know where you stand. We begin our social media client partnerships with a social channel audit, reviewing how your accounts can be improved with internal and competitive analysis. From there, we craft a general strategy for moving forward and making every account the best messenger your brand can have. We will perform audits at any point in our partnerships, according to client discretion.

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