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Is AI Art the Future of Digital Marketing?

By: Danielle Gazda With the metaverse, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more commonplace, the digital universe is expanding and becoming more accessible. Digital marketers have questioned if moving into these areas is worthwhile or even viable. For most of these platforms, the utility and

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The Evolution of Black Friday

Written By: Danielle Gazda While the phenomenon known as Black Friday has questionable origins, potentially going back to the 1800s, the retail holiday as we know it today started in Philadelphia in the 1950s. This is when people from the suburbs flooded the city for an annual Army-Navy football game

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The Most Authentic Social Media Platform: BeReal

Written by: Danielle Gazda By now, you’ve probably heard of BeReal — then again, as a business owner, you may have heard nothing about it at all. BeReal is the latest social media platform taking Gen Z by storm first released in August of 2020. It now has over 15

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How to Utilize Google Analytics for Your Business

By: Danielle Gazda Google Analytics is a free website traffic tracking tool. It takes user information gathered from each page of your website and compiles it into reports that help you analyze it. You can discover demographic details, bounce rates for each page, and much more. Most importantly, this information

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Five Ways TikTok Can Help Grow Your Business

By: Danielle Gazda The use of video content is a proven method of advertisement. Commercials have enticed audiences to try new products, visit new places, and make countless purchases in the decades since they first appeared on television. Now, video has become the best way to market products, services, and

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Mindful Social Media Posting Habits

Written By: Danielle Gazda Social media can sometimes be tricky to navigate. It’s particularly important to be mindful when posting about months or holidays such as Pride Month or Black History Month. You don’t want to appear to be pandering to a group by suddenly making inclusive posts or changing

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