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Hanging On by a Thread

Written by: Frankie Ciccotto Few online events were as inevitable as Meta’s release of its highly awaited application Threads, a text-based conversation space where communities of like-minded people can come together to discuss trending topics, share current photos, or just casually scroll through who they follow to keep up to

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The Future of Augmented Reality and Digital Advertising

Written by: Danielle Gazda With the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro headset at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference, augmented reality (AR) as a part of daily life is becoming increasingly more real. The headset’s $3,500 price tag is out of reach to a significant portion of the population, but,

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Breaking Down Cannabis Policies on Social Media Platforms

Posting about cannabis-related or CBD products on social media can be tricky. Regulation of the words used on creative and in captions/hashtags can cause your post to be flagged and your account to potentially be suspended. Cannabis-Related No’s and Go’s A good rule of thumb across all platforms is that

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Optimize Community Management for Your Brand

By: Danielle Gazda Good social media content and a good product are the baselines for a successful online presence. However, great customer service keeps people coming back. Achieve the best online customer service with proactive community management. What Is Community Management? Community management is run by an individual or team

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Google Ads: Best Basic Practices

Written By: Danielle Gazda What Are Google Ads? Promoting businesses and products through Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to increase conversions, revenue, and meet business goals. Google Ads, also known as Google AdWords, makes building campaigns easy through automation and machine learning, but there’s still some

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Purchasing Popularity: Verification Subscriptions

Written by: Danielle Gazda For years, brands and content creators have worked hard to build loyal communities and notable social media accounts in order to earn their verifications. The elusive and exclusive blue tick of verification across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is now a purchasable commodity. It’s part of a

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