Influencer Marketing

Wrangling + Identification

The team at 270M uses the latest digital search tools as well as significant time spent in your brand’s social accounts and marketplace to find the right influencer partners for every client. A diverse portfolio of influencers from your brand sphere as well as various crossover markets locates your target audiences and relays brand messaging in new fields. We individually vet every account and their entire online presence to ensure that a partnership is beneficial to everyone involved. After we connect individually to discuss terms and ideate promotional influencer marketing content.

Campaign Ideation

We work with our clients closely at all times but especially when it comes to influencer campaigns. Whether a brand has worked with influencers for years or is completely new to the concept, we make sure that everyone understands the process. From account takeovers to product endorsements, we customize a strategy that works toward our clients goals and ensure that your team approves every piece of final content.

Activation Management

When it comes to all influencer activations, 270M’s team guides every step of the process, keeping clients informed along the way. We adhere strictly to client budgets, often working to find up-and-coming social stars, but always users who are excited by your brand’s innovation and understand its quality. We ensure that every interaction is positive, informative, and up to your brand’s standards.


Influencer Whitelisting is a powerful tool we utilize to help our clients raise brand awareness and reach new consumers. By leveraging paid social advertising through an influencer account, instead of your brand account, we’re able to make the best use of both influencer and advertising budgets while bringing our clients the highest ROI.

Influencer Lists

Through our research, we build and maintain a comprehensive, living list of potential influencer partners for your brand. We analyze and monitor current influencer performance throughout campaigns and filter all of your social media’s organic engagement for existing influencer fans as well as observing other influencers in surrounding marketplaces.

Product Seeding

270M creates engaging, often personalized, mailers to organically reach out to influencers, long-time fans, and potential new fans. We contact users one-on-one to discuss and develop their interest and build a real relationship, ultimately putting obligation-free products directly in their hands for them to experience and share.

Consumer Identification

As we manage your online communities, we help to identify your brand’s largest consumer markets and continually tailor strategy and messaging to your target audience. We respond to every fan who interacts with your page; this personal knowledge is invaluable in not only tailoring the social experience but collecting re-shareable fan content and further honing the overall brand to reach your most profitable consumers.

Loyalty Programming

Interacting daily with fans keeps the 270M team tuned in to who is repeatedly sharing and gives us a strong platform to continue to build that brand loyalty. Through fan mailers and other rewards systems, we create unique ways to engage fans on and off social media, giving them reasons to keep sharing.

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