Agency Life: Natural Remedies to Elevate the Daily Routine

The green scene today isn’t about getting wasted. Luxury products such as those offered by Kiva Confections help us all get through whatever life may throw at them. When it comes to our careers and professional lives, here at the agency we know that Kiva helps us to find both balance and a higher quality of life.

When it comes to self-care Sundays, we love the Dark Chocolate Kiva Bar and the Almond Terra Bites which are also packed with the good stuff to relax you. This helps not only with self-care but also with keeping the Sunday scaries at bay. Pineapple Petra is another product that is loved amongst our team at 270M. This product offers an elevated kick to end the weekend with precisely dosed sensational bites.

On Mondays, we need a little bit more motivation. That’s why we turn to uplifting infused products such as the Expresso Terra, which blends together the perfect pairing of micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans and dark chocolate. Pineapple Habanero Camino is a Monday favorite at the agency. This remarkable Camino brings together stimulating sativa terpenes with hints of pineapple and a dash of spice to get us going!

We love to start our Wednesdays off with all of the balance that it deserves. We do so with Blenheim Apricot Camino, which bring together the flavor of blenheim apricots with hints of lime that will make you feel like you just walked through the many orchards that once upon a time were across the countryside in Northern California. We also enjoy the Peppermint Kiva Bar as it is nostalgic of the holidays and we look forward to this limited edition product each year. When available, it helps us to hash out the rest of the week with a healthy and delectable finish! 

Come Friday, it’s time to kick it with one of the many taste bud tantalizing, precisely dosed Kiva Bars that are available in a wide variety of delectable flavors to satisfy our cravings for the weekend! 

During the holidays, these delightful infusions are an amazing way to bring an extra flare to gatherings with friends and family! For those who are not fans of sweet infusions, this year Kiva introduced a fast-acting limited edition holiday product, Turkey Gravy, which lives true to the quality and reputation that is Kiva.

Whether you need the motivation to get you through, or something to help celebrate and relax, Kiva has the infused products you could want.