Take a Break from Product Posts

Written by: Danielle Gazda


If you advertise on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms, here’s something to think about: Audiences can become bored by endless posts about a company’s products or services. 

If they are already following you, then they know what you’re selling, where they can purchase items, and what your claims about your products or services are. So why should audiences keep following a brand that they already know and buy from? For some, it’s brand loyalty or identification with the product. For others, it’s the hope of finding out about new products or getting discount codes. However, when those aren’t possibilities, audiences need something else to keep their attention.

Fun, trendy posts can be a great way to keep your audience engaged and  interact with them. Let’s have a look at a few different types.


Current Events

Posts about current events are a great way to start. Keep up with events, such as sports championships, the Olympics, and major news stories. Even if your company isn’t a sports brand, showing support when a hometown team is involved in a big game can go a long way toward community building. Most companies stay away from politics, but if you want your company to reflect your opinions, it can be good to post about various causes you support. You can hold fundraisers around the winter holidays or in a relevant month.


Widely celebrated holidays are also important sources of material. You can choose them based on your audience’s demographics, how a holiday relates to your product, geographic location, or other factors. Some companies choose to acknowledge as many as possible, so they can include their whole audience. Popular holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween are also great for promoting special offers. Make sure you also acknowledge country-specific or regional holidays based on where your audience is from, not just where your company is located.

‘National’/Social Media Holidays

Other holidays to observe are the so-called “National” holidays — as in, National Read Across America Day or National Hydration Day. You can find calendars online that show you what weird, thoughtful, or just plain fun holidays will be celebrated in a given month. There are also national holiday weeks and months — as in, National Mental Health Awareness Week and National Noodle Month. The holidays on these calendars are also great for marking the changing of seasons or reminding your followers of the observances that occur during a month. Browse through them to find holidays that fit in well with your brand. There are food, beauty, medical, mental health, nature, animal/pet holidays, and so many more.

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Memes are tried and true, but can actually be tricky to navigate. Audiences may see companies as trying too hard if they overdo posting memes. It’s best to keep them relevant to trends that are very popular at the time of posting and to keep the posting of memes to a minimum — one or two per month is usually enough. There are exceptions depending on the format of the meme and what your company can say by using it. Remember that memes are meant to be fun and funny, so don’t overthink them.

Audio Trends

Audio trends are going to be most relevant if your company utilizes TikTok for marketing. (Some of these can also translate well to Instagram Reels.) Audio trends are clips of songs or viral phrases that go in and out of fashion very quickly, so it is important to keep up to date. There are a few evergreens that can always be brought back or revitalized if the topic of content requires it. Use these well and sparingly though — as with memes, if audio trends are overused, audiences may think you’re trying too hard to be relevant to younger users.


Spice up your social media profiles with some of these fun post ideas. Marketing is no longer straightforward advertising of a product; being trendy, relatable, and human are becoming far more important. That’s how you bring in an audience and keep them coming back for more.


How NFTs are Changing Art Forever

By: Danielle Gazda


Let’s start with what an NFT is.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. This “token” is the general and commonly used term for a piece of digital art that has been authenticated and minted. The most familiar forms are 2D and 3D digital art, but it can also be music, photography, videos, Tweets, memes, and more. Any type of digital media is viable.


How can you own something intangible and replicable?

Think about NFTs like they’re expensive, physical art. If you own an original painting by Monet then you have the genuine, one-of-a-kind piece; however, that doesn’t stop museums and online stores from selling prints of the exact same piece. It can exist outside of its original form.

NFTs are essentially the same thing. The concept was initially created as a way for digital artists to authenticate their original pieces and be able to sell it like physical art with ownership. The sites where you buy NFTs function the same way that auction houses or eBay does, where people bid on the items they are interested in.


Creating and selling NFTs.

There are many places across the internet where you can find out the specifics of creating, minting, and selling NFTs, but there are some key things you should know. Minting, for instance, is the process of changing a regular file of digital media into an NFT. This is done on a registry website that uses blockchain.

A blockchain is a decentralized software network where no single computer controls the network, instead they work in tandem and separately to store files securely, keep records, and act as a payment ledger. A commonly used site is Ethereum, which is also one of the biggest names in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is important because that is the only payment method available to create and purchase NFTs. 

To purchase and use cryptocurrency (crypto) you need a digital wallet. Setting up a digital wallet and buying crypto happen in separate places. Common wallet types are MetaMask, Exodus, Trezor T, and Ledger. Common sites to buy crypto are Coinbase, Binance.US, Gemini, and more. There may seem like a lot to learn, but once you’re set up, it gets easier.

From here, you can buy and sell NFTs at your leisure.


Why should your company make NFTs?

NFTs are popular, trendy, and worth a lot of money in most cases.

Creating an NFT based on your company logo, a product, or concept can be a new way to get your brand visibility for more and new people to see. It also establishes that your company is tech-savvy and future forward.

Making digital art is free, but changing it into an NFT can be expensive. There are fees involved, but the payout can be significant since most NFTs go for thousands, hundred thousands, and even millions of dollars. This may not happen right away, but making an NFT may still be a fun and advantageous avenue to explore.


If your company has a strong brand identity then it may be worth pursuing. Remember to be creative with the digital media you make, see what’s out there, and what you can contribute to this new digital art world.

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Tips on Improving SEO for Your Brand

By: Christina Healy


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your website to make it more visible during internet searches, with the goal of increasing traffic to your page. Having advanced SEO strategies for your brand is important because gaining visibility online is crucial for success. You can’t get leads if nobody can find you. During a search, the most relevant keywords will determine the order of results. The goal is to have your brand appear at the top of the results page, making it more likely that the consumer will click on your site. There are many strategies that can help make this happen.

Here Are Five Practices for Improving SEO for Your Brand:

  1. Choose the Right Keywords and Phrases:

    It is essential that the keywords chosen are relevant and created specifically to match your content. You want to use simple words that people are likely to use in their searches. It is also important to include phrases with three or four keywords that show a little more detail about your product or service in case of more advanced searches. Your site has a better chance of being ranked higher if your words match the search words exactly.

  2. Use a Program to Monitor Metrics:

    A program like Google Analytics is extremely helpful for understanding how your website is being used. You can then take that information and use it to improve SEO. Find out which search engines are leading users to your site, or learn what devices users are on when they visit your site. All of these small details are important when developing strategies of improvement.

  3. Find Out What’s Working for Your Competitors:

    Understanding who your top competitors are, and identifying the tactics they are using to be successful, can be beneficial for you. Take that information and figure out what your site needs or could improve upon.

  4. Put Out Quality Content:

    When people discover your page, you want to make sure that there is a good chance of them engaging with the content. Therefore, it needs to be of high quality. Be sure to constantly update existing content, as well as to produce new material regularly. Posts should be relevant and newsworthy. Search engines are always evolving to show the most relevant information first. Therefore, that’s what needs to be on your website. You want the consumer to spend a decent amount of time on your page, which improves the ranking of your site in a search.

  5. Have an Engaging Title and Meta Description for Your Site:

    The title needs to include the most exciting and important keywords. These few words need to spark emotion in the user. The meta description is a concise summary of the webpage located in smaller letters under the site’s title. It must be short and sweet, yet detailed and clear. Having a great meta description or title could just end up being the deciding factor of whether or not someone clicks on your site.

By improving your brand’s SEO little by little, there will almost certainly be an increase in traffic to your site. Paying attention to the small yet very important factors that make up a brand’s website can lead to great success.

How to Attract Customers Toward the End of the Holiday Season

By: Christina Healy

It’s no secret that the holiday season is an extremely busy time for most businesses. Online shopping sales are at a high, and physical store locations are flooded with eager buyers. Therefore, businesses need to be strategic in their marketing campaigns, especially when the season starts to wind down. Here are five ways to keep up the hustle and bustle as the year comes to an end.

1. Discounts

Offering discounts and special sales can be the most effective way to bring customers back once the holiday spike recedes. At the end of the year, people are usually at their all-time highs of spending money, and you will stand out if you offer good deals. Remember: People love seeing the word “Clearance.” You can set up your winter merchandise as clearance and attract buyers. Offer deals such as a BOGO (Buy One, Get One Free!) or special markdowns, and advertise them on the homepage of your website.

2. Stocking Stuffer-Sized Items

During the holidays, it is common that many are buying presents for a wide range of people. Maybe they need something at the last minute to contribute to a gift swap, a Secret Santa, or for their nephew’s girlfriend that they didn’t know was coming for Christmas dinner. Therefore, the end of the holiday season is a perfect time to market stocking stuffer-sized items. Can any of your items be sold in smaller sizes? Even if you can’t do it this year, keep it in mind for next year. You can attract buyers by creating a separate section on your website for these specific items, and then targeting the right audience.

3. Express Shipping

Nothing is worse than telling a loved one that their present just didn’t come in time, and that they will have to wait till the new year to receive it. Stand out this year and offer express shipping to your customers when it gets down to crunch time. Having the option of express shipping could just be the reason why someone makes their last-minute purchase with you instead of a competitor.

4. Personalized Emails

The holidays are a time of year where it is essential for customer loyalty to be recognized. Reach out to your existing customers through personalized emails and encourage them to come back for last-minute deals by offering them discounts or incentives. Have them refer a friend for 20% of their next purchase. Show how much you appreciate their past purchases, and remind them why they should come back for more. Sending frequent emails will keep your store on your customers’ minds.

5. Stay Active When Other Businesses Slow Down

Although there is always room for new approaches, it is just as important to keep up with your existing holiday marketing strategies until December 31st when that clock strikes midnight. Don’t stop sending out emails. Don’t stop  updating your website and continue pushing out content on your social media platforms. Stay active and don’t let your audience lose sight of you while competitors might be quieting down as the year comes to a close. Stay loud because, no matter what, there will be someone looking for that last-minute buy.

Tips for the Best Social Media Community Management

By: Stephanie Albert

Community management is an essential part of growing an online following that is connected to your brand. It is the process of interacting and engaging with current followers and the actions you take to attract new followers. 

Here are five important practices to consider if you want to gain followers and keep the ones you already have.

1.Engage with content your brand is tagged in: Frequently, brands will be tagged in content from happy customers who want to tell their friends about their experiences. When customers tag your brand in their social media posts, be sure to thank them for their support, and let them know you’re glad they enjoyed your product or service. There is also the possibility that your brand will be tagged in negative reviews. Be ready for this. Have a plan that is aligned with your brand identity for responding to these comments, and try to resolve issues whenever you can.

2. Respond to Direct Messages (DMs): Check your messages as frequently as possible — once a day at the very least. While you should think of all DMs from your customers as being important, there are two types of DMs that are particularly useful in helping to build an online brand. DMs received when your brand is tagged in a user’s story can be used to gain user-generated content that can be reposted to show consumers enjoying your product or service. Also valuable are DMs that contain questions about your business or products. You can earn loyal customers by interacting with people and giving them the answers they are looking for.

3. Like and respond to comments: In conjunction with responding to DMs, engage with followers by liking and responding to comments they leave on your posts. Users generally enjoy being recognized by the brands/products they like, and this type of engagement is a great way to increase the positive feelings customers already have about your business.

4. Follow relevant accounts: Follow accounts relevant to your industry, and engage with the content they post. By interacting with this content, the name of your business will appear in the likes and comments on the post, so consumers will have another way to find you.

5. Follow relevant hashtags: While you’re looking for relevant accounts to follow, try following relevant hashtags, too. They can help you find out what kind of content is popular in your industry, and discover new consumers who might be interested in your product.

By paying attention to what’s popular through other relevant content and connecting with current and prospective followers, community management has the potential to greatly increase the engagement your content receives. When it comes to growing your brand’s following online, engaging through community management is key to your success.

The Best Digital Marketing Practices for Promoting Your Product

By: Stephanie Albert

Over the last few years, social media has become a major powerhouse for advertisers. If you want to reach a wide audience when promoting a business or product, social media is for you. But the number of platforms and features available can make it difficult to get started. How can you find out what will work best for your company? 

We are here to help! Here are a few of the best practices for promoting your products on social media.

1. Know the audience: Knowing the audience of a given platform and knowing your target audience are both crucial for successfully promoting a product. Be sure that the audience you are targeting is present on a specific platform if you are going to put money and effort into developing content for that platform. 

2. Use analytics: Most social media platforms regularly provide advertisers with a basic set of data points regarding the makeup of their audience and how their ad content is performing. Use these to your advantage! You will find out if you are reaching the audience you are targeting. And you may discover another audience that is interested in your products. You will also learn which type of content is performing best. This way, you can focus on producing more of what is most successful.

3. Pay attention to your community: Interacting with people who engage with your content is important when growing an audience. Engage with content you are tagged in, reply to comments, and answer DMs in a way that is in line with your brand’s ideals — these are all excellent ways to connect with your target audience and your product users. You can gain valuable insight by reading about their experiences and learning how they feel about your products.

4. Create an Instagram Shop: Having an Instagram Shop allows users to purchase directly through the app. This also gives you the ability to add “shoppable” links to posts and stories, making it possible for users to purchase your products as soon as they see your content.

5. User-generated content: Posting user-generated content (photos, reviews, and even videos made by your customers) can be a very powerful way to promote a product. This allows potential customers to see the positive experiences of those who have already purchased your products. Ideally, once people know that others enjoy what you have to offer, they will want to buy from you, too.


Five Reasons Why Video Content Is the Future of Digital Marketing

By: Sydney Rikk

Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed when a post that was cluttered with words popped up? More than likely, you just scrolled past it because you were uninterested in reading lots of text. You’re not alone in doing that. Wouldn’t it have been better if the ideas in the post had been presented in a video? Welcome to the future of digital marketing.

In an effort to stay ahead of the trends, here are five reasons why you should be creating and utilizing video content:

1.Video is versatile.

As your business grows and develops, your marketing strategies must keep pace. Video is the answer. With video comes the opportunity to shape, change, and repurpose content according to your brand’s needs. For example, if you have a popular Instagram feed post of an image, change it into video formatting and watch it take off. Videos also offer the ability to make your brand more personable. By featuring greetings from your team or speaking directly to the consumer, you are creating a conversation.

2. Videos can tell a story.

The saying is, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So how many words is a video worth? A still picture can only present and convey a limited amount of information. Change that picture into a video and you have granted yourself more time to get your message across. And, you can do it in a more dynamic and engaging manner. Lean into your video content to capture a story: the story of your brand, product, team, and more. 

3. Video content is preferred most often by users.

According to view.ceros.com, “While 73% of respondents to the survey said they have less time to devote to reading and research, many noted that they are willing to spend 10-plus minutes with interactive, visual, and audio content.” Today, people are so busy — and information is coming at them so fast — they often have little time to slow down, read, and take in written content. The solution to this problem is videos. If you only have a few minutes of someone’s time, capitalize on it by using engaging video content to efficiently get your message across. 

4. Videos can drive conversion.

People buy when they see a need for the product. If they don’t understand what it is you are selling or why they need it in their life, they are unlikely to buy. Using videos to introduce and demonstrate your brand’s products can help consumers see the need for them. According to animoto.com, “96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online.” Looking for more evidence of videos helping to create conversion? Check out this infographic.

5. Video content has the power to improve SEO.

The more people watch, interact, and engage with your videos, the more likely your video will attract larger audiences. By creating and offering high-quality video content, you can entice people to learn more about your company and your products, driving traffic to your website.

Video content unlocks the door to numerous opportunities. It can tell stories, help you connect with your audiences, drive conversion, and so much more. Video is the future of digital marketing. So grab your video clips! It’s time to get to work.

Should My Brand Be Present on All Social Media Platforms?

By: Sydney Rikk

With so many trending social media platforms, it can feel overwhelming to try and manage multiple accounts. Between the time and the effort it takes to create content and engage with followers, are the results worth it? Does it make sense for your company to have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn? What about adding a TikTok account to your plate?

It is one thing to grow a following; it is a whole other game to grow an engaged following. At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember, in order to have the most engagement and support for your brand, is that quality is better than quantity. To help determine what platforms you should use, follow these three steps.

  1. Know your audience

In order to attract the right audience, research which social media platforms your desired target is most likely to engage with. For example, older demographics tend to use Facebook, while younger audiences are more attracted to Instagram and TikTok.

Here is a helpful chart by MarketingCharts.com that displays which demographics use which platforms most frequently.

      2. Outline your goals

Deciding on the goals you want to achieve can help you determine which social media platforms to use. Think about whether you’re looking for another way to engage with your target audience on a more personal level, looking to attract new customers or demographics that you weren’t previously speaking to, or simply wanting to learn more about the market you are trying to attract. Narrowing down your desired outcomes can help you gauge which platforms will best fit your brand’s wants and needs.

      3. Create effect content

Twitter is known for memes and brief, clever messages. TikTok is known for short video clips. Pinterest is a visual masterpiece of all kinds of topics. Instagram is known for sharing images partnered with a caption. Knowing what content you are interested in creating and sharing can also narrow down your choice of what platforms to focus on. Creating effective content that your target audience will enjoy viewing will result in a higher engagement rate. 

Once you work through these three steps, you will have a better understanding of which platforms will be most effective and beneficial for your brand. There is no need to spend time and effort on platforms that don’t target your audience or provide positive results. Quality over quantity will lead your accounts to success.

How to Get Started With Instagram Reels for Your Business

By: Charlotte Dwyer

Reels are quickly becoming a staple in the Instagram world. These short, entertaining videos are a great way to connect with your audience while showcasing what you and your business have to offer. Getting started with Instagram Reels can be daunting, but we are here to offer some of our favorite tips for mastering the form. 

  • Use current popular songs and sounds 

This is one of the most important tips to remember when starting your Reels journey. When you use a popular sound or song, your reel gets tagged to that particular sound on Instagram. This ensures that your reel will be exposed to more people, since it is likely that users will be looking for reels that use those trendy sounds. Each day, look at some reels and make a note of the most popular songs and sounds that they feature. Then, use those sounds to brainstorm ideas for your brand.

  • Repurpose old stories, videos, or TikToks for Reels 

Getting started with Reels can be challenging at first. The field is crowded, and having to constantly come up with fresh, new ideas for content can be overwhelming. But there is no need to reinvent the wheel … um, reel, that is. This form is perfect for using old or unused content. For example, you can use photos to create a slideshow, or take an interview that was done with you about your business and use relevant clips from it in a reel.

  • Use closed captioning 

Many people scroll through Instagram Reels without having the sound on, so they will be more drawn to videos that have closed captions on them. This quick fix will allow people to engage with your content, even if they are unable to listen to it.

  • Make your product or service the highlight of your reels

Reels are fabulous for showcasing what you have to offer. You can explain in-depth what your business does or take the time to show your audience details about your product.

  • Put titles on the cover photos for your reels 

If someone is interested in your business on Instagram, they may navigate to the Reels tab on your profile. By including a title explaining what each reel is about on the cover photo, people are more likely to watch and engage.

  1. Don’t get too serious 

Reels are ideal for showing the personality of your brand. Have fun with them! Play into popular trends and show that your brand wants to truly connect with potential customers. 

If you are still unsure of exactly how to use Instagram Reels or how this form can benefit your business, 270M is always here to help. We have experience in the creation of Reels for a variety of clients and businesses and would be more than happy to assist you!