The Best Digital Marketing Practices for Promoting Your Product

By: Stephanie Albert

Over the last few years, social media has become a major powerhouse for advertisers. If you want to reach a wide audience when promoting a business or product, social media is for you. But the number of platforms and features available can make it difficult to get started. How can you find out what will work best for your company? 

We are here to help! Here are a few of the best practices for promoting your products on social media.

1. Know the audience: Knowing the audience of a given platform and knowing your target audience are both crucial for successfully promoting a product. Be sure that the audience you are targeting is present on a specific platform if you are going to put money and effort into developing content for that platform. 

2. Use analytics: Most social media platforms regularly provide advertisers with a basic set of data points regarding the makeup of their audience and how their ad content is performing. Use these to your advantage! You will find out if you are reaching the audience you are targeting. And you may discover another audience that is interested in your products. You will also learn which type of content is performing best. This way, you can focus on producing more of what is most successful.

3. Pay attention to your community: Interacting with people who engage with your content is important when growing an audience. Engage with content you are tagged in, reply to comments, and answer DMs in a way that is in line with your brand’s ideals — these are all excellent ways to connect with your target audience and your product users. You can gain valuable insight by reading about their experiences and learning how they feel about your products.

4. Create an Instagram Shop: Having an Instagram Shop allows users to purchase directly through the app. This also gives you the ability to add “shoppable” links to posts and stories, making it possible for users to purchase your products as soon as they see your content.

5. User-generated content: Posting user-generated content (photos, reviews, and even videos made by your customers) can be a very powerful way to promote a product. This allows potential customers to see the positive experiences of those who have already purchased your products. Ideally, once people know that others enjoy what you have to offer, they will want to buy from you, too.