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Here at 270M, we’re proud to be able to work alongside companies who are paving the way for the cannabis industry. Our clients dedicate themselves to creating safe, high-quality cannabis products that provide high-quality experiences for consumers. 

Autumn Brands

Women-owned, cannabis cultivators dedicated to health and wellness, Autumn Brands is proving women are taking control of the rapidly growing cannabis industry. Co Founder, Autumn Shelton teamed up with Hannah Brand to make the most of a Coastal Santa Barbara farm that goes back six generations of farmers. Autumn Brands family farm takes pride in their expertise in farming the world’s most delicate tulips to produce pure and potent strains of cannabis. Autumn Brands product line consists of; Glass Jar, Pre-rolls, and cartridges with multiple strains to suit your needs. It’s so rewarding to have the chance to promote the Autumn Brands mission of sustainability and dedication to providing pesticide-free products for a safer world. 

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Cannasite Co. 

Every successful business stems from a successful website. CannaSiteCo.’s friendly, no-B.S. cannabis web design and digital marketing team’s only goal is to help people create a company they are proud of. The cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace, and with help from CannaSiteCo., your business could get a cutting edge spot in the market, differentiating you from other competitors. A company dedicated to helping people is a business we are proud to stand behind and promote. 

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Ladyjane Branding

LadyJane Branding’s mission is to “help entrepreneurs stand out and sell more,” says Jennifer Whetzel, Founder of LadyJane Branding. LadyJane works with businesses to help establish brand personality to draw customers in from the very first interaction. LadyJane is devoted to assisting brands in discovering who they are and then telling that story to customers to develop a consistent brand. A woman created a company driven by the passion of helping other entrepreneurs flourish makes working with LadyJane all the more rewarding. 

Find out how your brand can make the best first impression with the help of Ladyjane.

New Highs

New High’s was created with quality and luxury in mind to give those in search of a green-friendly lifestyle the chance to achieve an elevated type of wellness that will leave you feeling elevated and motivated to accomplish your goals. New High products include the highest quality of CBD oils to help increase mobility without the pain. New Highs premium CBD comes from sun-grown Oregon hemp that is uniquely dispensed, dropper controlled, to provide an experience that allows you to choose the dosing. New Highs differentiates from other products on the market by its unique cultivation of ingredients used to encompass all of CBD’s exclusive benefits like sleep aid as well as lessening those horrid hangovers. 

Follow New Highs Instagram page and learn more about their #ShowUsYourScrubs campaign for medical and health professionals.


Originating in California, Kiva confections are known for their cannabis-infused edibles. Kiva employees are motivated by their mission that goes beyond just delivering a better edible. At Kiva, their products are made from a unique artisanal approach crafting delicious, trustworthy chocolate bars, mints, and gummies that provide a consistent experience every time. Their product list consists of Kiva Chocolate Bars, which have a 1:1 CBD and THC ratio leaving you calm and relaxed after one bite. Kiva’s Camino Gummies are formulated with the perfect amount of THC and CBD, putting you in that “California state of mind.” Lastly, Petra Mints and Terra Bites, infused with the perfect amount of THC small enough to fit in your pocket so you can take it on the go. During these tough corona times, Kiva is doing all they can for their customers. Dedicated to serving their customers the best quality, Kiva is following the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure their products are the same safe, consistent, and reliable products their customers know and love. 

Got the munchies? Check out Kiva’s Instagram for an array of satisfying edibles.


An award-winning consumer technology brand, Pax vaporizers are dedicated to creating an enjoyable, personalized experience for each of their customers. Pax lab’s focus is on developing vaporization technologies for cannabis and other plant-based materials. Pax technology is powered by employees with experience in hardware, software, consumer technology, healthcare, and biotechnology to ensure each client can achieve a premium experience. Pax’s dedication to creating a better world for their customers is something we value and are proud to promote here at 270M.

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