In a Time Full of Negativity, We Thank Those Who Are Giving Us Hope.

This is the first pandemic to unfold the world of social media. The endless loop of information coming out has instilled fear and anxiety across America. With social media allowing anyone to share what they want, it has caused a problem of spreading misinformation, which adds to Americans’ hysteria. However, some companies are breaking through the noise and reminding America that we are the most influential country in the world, and we will get through this. 

Convicts – NY TOUGH

Convicts in a media brand that “find the status-quo shakers in music, art, style, travel, culture, and life, then give their voices a platform.” Convicts are using their voice to provide support and strength to New Yorkers during these chaotic times. Convicts put together a motivational film to spark unification within New Yorkers and motivate them to band together and do all they can for the city that they love. The video reminds New Yorkers the beauty of the city while being stuck inside and is asking those who can help in any way to get involved and donate medical equipment to healthcare workers on the front lines.

Facebook – ‘We’re Never Lost If We Can Find Each Other’

Facebook created a video highlighting the empty streets all over the world due to the quarantine. Facebook does this to remind Americans we don’t need to be in physical contact to have a connection. Thanks to the world of social media, specifically Facebook, no matter where we are in the world, there is always a place to connect with one another. 

Worklabs – “Act Like”

Worklabs agency is turning to humor to help get through this scary time. The Ad has several different boxes with sentences all starting out with “Act Like” to enforce social distancing. For example, one box says, “Act Like your ex just walked into the party,” it’s a fun way to remind the world that everyone should be staying home. 

Dove – Courage

While a majority of Americans are staying inside in the comfort of their own homes to prevent contracting the coronavirus, medical professionals are doing the exact opposite by going head to head with fighting COVID-19. Dove is showing Americans what nurses and doctors are doing for this country while we get to wait out the storm from our couches. The Dove campaign ‘Courage’ is a compilation of photos that are close up headshots of doctors and nurses who have been working 12+ hours a day and running around the emergency room tending to coronavirus patients. Dove says courage is beautiful, and to prove it, they’re donating 153 million dollars to help build the supply of soap, sanitizer, bleach, and food.

Download Available: 270M’s COVID-19 Resource Hub

It’s empowering to see companies stand up and support Americans by inspiring hope during these unpredictable times. 270M appreciates all the work these businesses are doing and are ready to help join the fight.