Should My Business be on Pinterest? Social Media Agency Services for Pinterest

By Jaci Schreckengost

Pinterest is a great way to reach customers who are researching products and planning events. 

Maybe you’ve seen the Pinterest logo on other websites and wondered if your business should be on Pinterest, too. 

There are lots of reasons why Pinterest could be a great addition to your social media plan, but first, we’ll cover the basics. 

What is Pinterest? 

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows you to create or share pins, which are pictures, graphics, or videos with captions and usually a link. These pins can be saved to boards, which are typically organized and named by what you save in them. 

On our Pinterest, you can see that we have a board for each of our brand’s three keywords: live, work, and create. 

This, of course, leads me into the first reason why Pinterest can be beneficial for your business. 


Pinterest is another great place to show off the branding for your business. Whether you use your own content to create pins, or share pins that match your brand, it’s a great way to show customers your brand. 

Like 270M’s Pinterest boards, you can create boards with keywords or other topics relevant to your business. 

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Show off your products 

A great way to use Pinterest is to show off your products. Good questions to ask yourself are: What products could I show on Pinterest? How could I successfully show these products to potential customers? 

According to Pinterest, “90% of weekly Pinners make purchase decisions on Pinterest.” By putting your products on the site, you’re increasing the chance that your products will be considered by these consumers. 

You can also add tags to your posts to make sure they get into the feed of people who are interested in your products. 

Reach a new audience 

According to Pinterest, “more than 367 million people use Pinterest every month.” This platform will allow you to reach hundreds of millions of people across age groups, around the world. 

People use Pinterest when planning for events, shopping, dreaming, building a house, starting a DIY project — and a million other reasons. Including your products on the social media platform could get your product into the hands of new customers. 

There’s something on Pinterest for everyone, so why not give it a try? 

270M’s social media services, including Pinterest, are available here.