The Importance of Organic Multimedia in Marketing

By Jaci Schreckengost

Multimedia is an important part of your business’ appearance in the digital world. Photos and videos can show what your brand is talking about before anything has been said. 

Multimedia is important to branding and relationships with your customers. Below are some of the reasons why viewers prefer to see organic multimedia rather than stock footage. 

Brand identity

Having organic multimedia represents your brand the best. Sure, you can use stock photos that come close, but they don’t represent your brand directly. Organic photos, however, are spot-on, because they capture your brand perfectly. 

Branding can help your customers know they’re engaging with your content, even before they see your company’s name. This is a huge benefit no matter what your company does or what social platforms you use. You want your brand to be identifiable. 

Organic content can help make sure your viewers know your content across platforms. If a follower only watches your YouTube videos, but happens to stumble across your Instagram, you want them to be able to know it’s your content immediately.


Your consumers want to get to know you. They don’t want a stock photo of a random person with your information next to it — they want to see you. 

They want to see who you are, what you’re doing, and what you care about. 

Customers are incredibly conscious with where they’re spending their money. Organic multimedia can help create a one-on-one relationship with your customers that can help increase the level of trust they have toward your brand. 

How do I get organic multimedia

Organic multimedia can be difficult to create on your own, but that’s why agencies are here to help. 

At 270M, we provide photo and video services to help show off your brand in the best light. Your clients will have a great idea of your company across LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere else they may encounter your brand. 

We use our industry connections to create branded multimedia that is ideal for your brand’s needs across the digital sphere. 

Organic photos and videos make sure your company stands out against the competition. Check out all of 270M’s services to see what we can do for your brand