Who Needs Social Media Agencies? Every Business Does.

At the end of 2019, Statista calculated that 2.95 billion people have at least one social media account. At the end of 2020 it’s predicted that 49 percent of the population will be using social media. If your business still hasn’t set up a social media marketing strategy, you’re not reaching an entire half of the consumer population. 

Social Media Marketing

To understand the benefit of social media agencies, it’s essential to know what they do. A significant responsibility for agencies is developing a social media marketing plan. Before constructing a marketing plan, agencies first assess the current state of a company’s social media presence by running an audit of all existing active platforms. The examination gives insight into how well your content is interacting with consumers, whether they see it, like it, share it, click on it, etc. That initial audit social media agencies run gives numerical data to help analyze where you’re attracting consumers or where they keep scrolling. Agencies help identify what companies’ social media weaknesses are and from there decide which platform(s) are going to be the most effective in increasing consumer engagement. The benefit of running an audit before and after is that companies can physically see the success of an agency’s social media marketing plan.

So Why Do We Need Social Media Agencies?

Now that we know what agencies provide, why does your business need their help? A business’s social media presence serves as the communicator between the brand and its consumers, so without a dominant presence, there’s no communication with your target audience. Every business has its competitors, and if your brand’s message isn’t appropriately promoted, your lack of brand identity sends your consumers straight to your competitors. Social media agencies are skilled in media monitoring making them experts in understanding the best way to communicate your brand better than your competitors. Along with differentiating you from competitors, agencies take on the values of your brand when translating that to customers. In today’s world, it’s highly unlikely your consumer is going to buy into you without knowing anything about your brand, resulting in them using search engines such as Google to get insight. Agencies ensure that when a customer is researching your brand, they’ll find the most positive language surrounding the voice of your company. Going off of researching, when a customer searches for your brand, and it doesn’t appear on the first page of a search engine, more likely than not, they won’t see it. Social media agencies work to keep your business on the front page of search engines, making sure the most amount of eyes possible will be on your business. Social media agencies have the skills to save you thousands of dollars in advertising by being experts in digital marketing. 


Here at 270M, we are experts in digital marketing and are ready to tell your brand’s story. 270M’s digital marketing strategies across all platforms will make your business more efficient while also bringing your brand more exposure. Agencies like 270M are helping brands establish their position in the marketplace while reaching more and more consumers. Social media agencies necessary work will change the way your brand is viewed, for the better.

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