Advice from An Agency: 3 Social Media Terms You Need to Know in 2021

By Jaci Schreckengost

In 2021, we’ve found three key terms anyone who uses social media should know and why you should know them. 

Crisis management

This is your brand’s plan of how to react when a crisis happens. Crisis is, of course, a broad term and can mean different things for different brands. It’s a good idea to have crisis management in place for varied levels of concern. Examples include an employee posting something inappropriate online or a large-scale event, like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Why should you know it?

You need to know this term so you can do something about it. Having a preventative plan in place is a great way to stop the shock that initially comes across your team when one of these events happen. 

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This is the act of continuously scrolling through social media to try to take your mind off more pressing matters, only to find yourself consuming more content that leads you to feel doomed. 

Why should you know it? 

You want to know about doomscrolling so you can avoid it. Even when addressing topics that are difficult, it’s important to leave your audience feeling inspired and ready to take a call-to-action. 

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Ephemeral content

More commonly known as disappearing content, this is something that’s only available to viewers for a certain period of time. Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn stories are all great examples of this. 

Why should you know it? 

So you can use it! This type of content drives people to check it out, because it’s not there forever. Using this content encourages your audience to follow your social media accounts, come to your pages more often, and maybe even subscribe to your newsletter so they make sure they’re not missing out on anything. 

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