What is LinkedIn Live and How Can my Brand Effectively Use It?

By Annie O’Rourke 

LinkedIn Live is a great tool to incorporate into your social media strategy. This technology allows your brand to connect with LinkedIn users on a more personal level. 

The Basics of LinkedIn Live 

The new LinkedIn feature allows users and company pages to broadcast themselves in current time. LinkedIn Live is accessible directly through the platform and available for all users. This technology ultimately allows users and companies to “go live” and stream a variety of concepts such as a new product launch, Q&A about relevant topics, interviews, and more. For example, a digital marketing agency may utilize LinkedIn Live to host one of their clients for an interview regarding the positive aspects that the agency is implementing into their business. To incorporate this feature into your brand’s social strategy, you need to set up the following steps.

This tool requires preliminary start up steps to correctly implement this feature into your account. It is important to ensure that your brand and agency understand the steps and take the correct measures to correctly move forward with this technology. LinkedIn requires each account user to pick a streaming tool from their recommended option list. Once an account user has chosen their streaming tool, it needs to be administered onto your device. After these steps are carefully done, your account and page can go “live” and broadcast in current time. 

Utilizing Live for a Specific Set of Clients 

As one of the world’s leading professional platforms, it’s important to understand how to benefit from LinkedIn. Agencies can increase their brand awareness and gain new followers through the LinkedIn Live platform. Real estate agencies are a great example of a specific client set that can enhance their brand in a strong and competitive way. Real estate companies can ultimately learn, engage, and develop new relationships using this “live” feature on a professional channel. It is important for real estate companies to form and maintain relationships in order for their brand to be successful. This client set could potentially utilize “live” by hosting a Q&A session with former clients, or showcasing some of their recent work. Additionally, real estate companies could also showcase new listings, recent closings, tours of specific homes or condos, and real estate news all through LinkedIn Live. This is a great tool for not only real estate professionals, but other companies and agencies as well. Your business and agency should become familiar with this feature because it optimizes your social media portfolio, and it allows you to develop real relationships in an online setting.  

The Best Tips to Adhere to When Utilizing LinkedIn Live 

As a helpful tool for users, LinkedIn has recommendations for best tips and practices for utilizing the LinkedIn Live technology. It is important to look and familiarize your brand with these recommendations in order to maintain a coherent and professional image on the LinkedIn social channel. LinkedIn best practices suggests ideas about how long live videos should be, using hashtags, and thinking about your audience. For example, LinkedIn recommends you keep your live broadcast to under 15 minutes in order to keep your audience engaged. These tips and tricks will help you successfully master the LinkedIn Live feature.

Start utilizing LinkedIn for your agency to maximize your presence on social media and enhance brand awareness. LinkedIn has all the best items to think about when utilizing this experience.