What is a Voice Search and How Can I Implement it in my Business?

By Annie O’Rourke

Voice search technology is a way for businesses to be present in millions of homes worldwide.

The Foundations of a Voice Search Feature

Voice search is a technology that is currently up and running for many devices such as Amazon Alexa, and Google Hub. Google Hub is a small 7-inch technological device placed in a home or workspace that allows you to speak into it. This technology encourages you to ask questions, play music, connect with your home or workspace and create “voice searches,” which is the most recent feature that Google is highlighting. The voice search feature ultimately allows you to speak into the Google Hub device and shop and order items just by using your voice. So how can this help my business?

Utilizing Voice Search for your business

Technology and the media space are constantly changing and evolving, and it’s important to keep a close eye on these trends in order for your business to stay relevant. With this in mind, it’s crucial to familiarize your business with the voice search feature. It is shown that AI devices have the ability to increase sales and optimize your brand to be present in thousands of other homes and workspaces.

The voice search feature will also allow your business to grow as it is a new space for digital marketing. It is said that voice commerce is expected to grow to $40 billion by 2022, making AI devices some of the most important places for digital marketers to research and incorporate into their businesses. Voice SEO is imperative to understand and implement into your business as the voice search feature on Google Hub, and other AI devices is growing. For example, Amazon Alexa allows you to add a product to your shopping cart and order all from the voice-activated device. This feature essentially will grow your business by implementing your brand into Voice SEO.

How Businesses are Taking Advantage of Voice Search

Many brands are already taking advantage of the voice search feature on AI devices. For example, you can order Domino’s right from your Amazon Alexa, or even use the Food Network skill to look up recipes. The Food Network is gaining user engagement and increasing their sales just by implementing their brand into the voice search function on AI devices. Specifically, the Food Network has the opportunity to optimize their sales by users looking at recipes and engaging with their company.

Voice search should be the next big step for your digital marketing business. Look into incorporating how your brand will implement voice SEO into devices like Google Hub.