Advice from an Agency: Building a Transparent Cannabis Company

By Jaci Schreckengost

Building trust is an important component of every business, but it’s especially critical when building a cannabis company. 

Why is trust so important in cannabis companies?

The products your customers use are often used for their well-being and are often being ingested. Trust is a huge factor in which brands they purchase from. 

Whether they’re using CBD tinctures from companies like New Highs and Cannasté, flower products from companies such as Autumn Brands, or CBD lubes from companies like TOCA, they want to make sure the products are the highest quality possible. 

How can I be transparent with my customers? 

Transparency is critical when it comes to creating any brand that customers trust, and that is especially true for one with consumable products. 

Third-party testing is a great way to show transparency in your brand. New Highs CBD is a great example of a company that is entirely transparent. Their third-party test results are located on the front page of their website for all customers to see. 

TOCA also has their Certificate of Analysis, or COA, available on their website. 

Showing the harvesting process is another great way to show transparency. On Autumn Brands’ website, they tell their customers, “All of our flowers are hand selected, hang dried and hand trimmed allowing for the most potent strains of cannabis and the cleanest experience.” 

How do I make sure I build trust correctly? 

We know this can be a difficult process, which is why we’re here to help. 270M has brand identity to make sure your brand stands out in the market and make sure your brand is properly conveyed to your customers. 

Once your brand itself is built, 270M has social media services to help build trust within the communities that you are marketing to. Community management is a great way to build brand awareness and trust. Especially if you’re answering difficult questions or customer complaints, customers may be able to see your brand in a positive light, if you’re resolving situations well. 

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Trust is critical for consumers overall, but especially for cannabis brands. There are tons of brands available, so it is important to make sure consumers know why they should pick yours. 

270M is here to help with services in brand identity, social media, and more. Visit our website to see everything we have available to help make your brand stand out through transparency and trust.