Advice from an Agency: How to Know When It’s Time for a Rebrand

By Jaci Schreckengost

Of course you’ve heard of rebrands and seen them happen — but how do you know when it’s time to rebrand your own company? 

Here are some of the times we’ve noticed that it might be time to consider rebranding. 

Do you feel out of place in the market? 

Have you noticed that the brands around you seem more in-touch with their clients than you feel like you are? 

If your branding stands out in a way that you think might be negative, it’s likely time for a rebrand. 

If you’re not sure where you stand in the social media market, 270M has a social media audit that can help. This audit can help you see how your social media channels can be revamped. After our review, we will craft a plan on how to best move forward. 

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Do you feel like you’re losing clients?

If you feel like people in your audience are more attracted to your competitors than you, this could mean it’s time to look at rebranding your company.

If your competitors seem to be updated and more in touch with the customers you’re both trying to market to, it’s likely this is because of marketing. Maybe your website just needs a new look or you need to completely rework your brand’s strategy. Either way, 270M’s services are here to help. 

Do you feel like your branding looks too similar to your competitors? 

This can be another big issue in the market. If your brand looks so similar to your competitors, you may lose clients because of very small differences. 

This is also a large issue on social media. If you and one or more competitors have similar logos, this can cause confusion among your current and potential customers. 

You want your brand to stand out enough that your customers know they have found your social media pages

How do I start rebranding my business? 

No matter how big or small the project is, you’ll want to brainstorm a lot. There are also many questions you’ll want to ask yourself and your team, including, but of course not limited to: What do you want your new brand to look like? Do you have colors in mind? What about a logo? Do you need to redo your website? 

Using an agency to help with your rebranding is a way to make sure that your project is completed on time and exactly how you really want it. 

The good news? 270M is here to help through the whole process. Visit our website to see all of our services.