How Virtual Reality is Changing E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

By Jaci Schreckengost

In Coach’s recent collaboration with Disney and Keith Haring, we’ve seen the future of e-commerce and digital marketing.  

What they’ve titled the “Disney Mickey Mouse X Keith Haring Exploratorium,” is an immersive digital marketing experience showing off the brands and the products they’ve created together. 

From backpacks to coats to Coach’s signature bags, viewers get to explore the space and products on their own. 

The journey starts on the outside of the building, where the brands’ names are written in white font, standing out against the vibrant yellow virtual building. 

Once inside, you can turn to the left and watch a video of a representative talk about the collection. Not your thing? You can explore on your own, too. In addition to the video, there is text on the walls to inform you about what you’re seeing. They have something for everyone here. 

As you move through the rooms of the art space, you’ll find there’s a lot to view. You can find a photo of Keith Haring which provides a little information about him and his work. You can also find what you’re really there to see: the products. On virtual shelves and benches, you’ll find bags, luggage tags, coin purses, coats, t-shirts, and more. Each of the products allow you to click on them to find more information about the product. 

This virtual experience allows customers to see each of the products, learn more about them, and feel like you’re having a more personal experience than typical e-commerce does. 

Each product comes with a title, description, which Keith Haring design is used on the piece, the ability to have a 360-view of it, and—of course—a link to the store to purchase it. 

At the end of the exhibit, you’ll even find a playlist and a VR Mickey Mouse to use with your own phone. These are great examples of being able to extend the exhibit outside of the already-virtual walls. 

This virtual reality experience is a great example of just how immersive digital marketing can be. It also shows how to make sure viewers feel engaged in a digital world. 

Some of the products have already even sold out, so it seems like this experience worked well for this collaboration! 

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