What Digital Marketers Can Learn from the 2021 Super Bowl

By Jaci Schreckengost

The 2021 Super Bowl was one that Tampa Bay will remember forever. Here are the reasons digital marketers should, too. 


The Commercials 

The easiest tactic to notice was that familiar names and faces still draw massive attention. 

State Farm’s commercial that featured Drake, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes and Paul Rudd. Uber Eats’ commercial was just as star-studded. With Wayne and Garth—yes, that’s Wayne and Garth—hanging out with Cardi B and encouraging their fans to eat local. Party on! 

Others starred Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Will Ferrell, Kenan Thompson, Awkwafina, Tracy Morgan, and more. 

Of course, we don’t all have a Super Bowl ad budget. For digital marketers who don’t have hiring Drake in the 2021 marketing plan, influencers are a great place to start. 

Another method that seemed to help commercials reach the top 10 list? Humor. From Bud Light’s ad that had lemons literally falling from the sky to a Cheetos’ singalong, advertisers realized audiences needed something to laugh at this year. 


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The Lack of Commercials 

For some brands, the Super Bowl commercial changed this year. 

Budweiser was one brand that we all expected to see—as we always do. In a January 25, 2021 press release, the company wrote, “For the first time in 37 years, [Budweiser] will forego its in-game Super Bowl air-time and reallocate that investment to support the Ad Council and public awareness and education throughout the year for the COVID-19 vaccination effort.” 

Coca-Cola also stood on the sidelines without a commercial this year. 

Could this decision have a huge impact on the brand in 2021? 


The Half-time show 

Though Pepsi itself didn’t have a commercial, it did sponsor the halftime show, which has since sparked a ton of conversation on social media. 

The Weeknd’s close-ups have flooded feeds with memes and hilarious comments, making Pepsi’s investment really worthwhile. 

Billboard reported the event was a hit for the Weeknd, too: The Weeknd’s Streams Increase 41% After Super Bowl Halftime Show.”

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